My first blog

It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to publish my first blog*. You see, I was suffering from analysis paralysis and confidence issues. 

What should I write about first? 

How do I ensure the blog is ‘perfect’? 

Would anyone read my blog? 

Why should I care if the blog is perfect if no-one is going to read it? 

Will I delete my whole website trying to publish my blog? (I am half joking here, but you never know – I am relatively new to this)

All these kinds of thoughts go through your head when you’re starting to do something new. Then of course there are the endless distractions and things that are easier to do (and more soon, certain and positive) than writing a blog e.g. watching just one more ep of that Netflix show…

But then today, I realised that the reward of publishing my first blog was a big achievement for me, and I would feel so much better if I get it out there. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be a snapshot of me. 

I am going to be publishing regular blogs on why people should seek therapy if they are struggling, and my creative writing journey.. If anything I write resonates with you, please get in touch, to discuss getting some therapy or to discuss writing. 

In some ways, therapy and writing are quite similar. 

Suffering in silence and doing nothing about it is the same as writing something and never showing it to someone. Nothing will ever change. You have to open up and reveal part of yourself to someone to start to grow and learn…After all, the chances of me getting a screenplay made into a film are very small, but they are zero if I never show anything to anyone. 

Well, that’s enough for my first blog. Small steps taken regularly soon add up!

Take care all, and remember to take that first step into the unknown out of your comfort zone. You might even enjoy it!

If you’d like to find out how I can help you with this, get in touch to arrange your free, no commitment consultation here:


* The “Welcome to my new website” post was set up by my website designer Rikki, with me providing the text, so I don’t classify this as my first blog. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My first blog”

  1. Hi Paul loving this and you being comfortable with any insecurity over blogging. Looking forward to more and well done!
    Steve 🙂

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