Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you resolve all sorts of issues.  It draws upon techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology.

What issues can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help me with?

Just about anything.  It resolves anxiety, depression, low self-worth, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain, healing, tinnitus, weight loss, addiction and more.

My speciality is to help men resolve issues such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Improving Quality of Sleep
  • Improving reflexes
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Fears
  • Overcoming Gambling Addiction
  • Improving confidence & Self Esteem
  • Dealing with Bullying
  • Dealing with Stagefright

But as stated, it can help you with anything.

What happens in sessions?

When we start, I’ll spend time listening to you, to understand what’s causing your troubles.  We won’t talk over, and over about your problems because that makes you feel worse and doesn’t change anything.

Instead we’ll work on resolving what’s holding you back, using techniques and tools tailored to your needs.  We’ll focus on helping you achieve the things you want to do in your life and create the changes you want.

Will you hypnotise me into a trance?

Yes, if you’re comfortable with this technique.  It’s not the only technique I use but it’s one of them. Trance allows me to gently talk to your unconscious.  To understand what’s causing the thought patterns or behaviours hurting you or holding you back.

In trance, I guide you to form a new outcome, thought or behaviour.  One that’s supportive and helpful to you.  In this way, you’ll develop an inner confidence to make changes in your life.  And achieve the things you want.

Trance is a relaxed state which you can stop at any time, simply by opening your eyes.  You’re in complete control of what you do and say.  You’re never under my control and always know what’s going on.

Will this type of therapy work on me?

Yes, the therapy works because of the trust we create together, working as a team.  What we do in sessions is only the start… your unconscious mind continues to process between sessions too.  Which means you’re the one making the changes and I am your guide.

Is it normal to be worried about my first session?

Some people are and that’s OK.  We’ll move at a pace that’s comfortable for you, so you’re always in control.  If you’re not ready to talk about a particular thing, we’ll move on and come back to it another time.

If there’s anything practical you need, let me know.  For in-person sessions you may want driving directions, parking or photos of the therapy space.

For online sessions you may, at first, want extra time to get familiar with the tech set-up.

How confidential are the sessions?

Everything you tell me is confidential.  The only instances in which I would share information is if I feel you are a risk to yourself or others and I will have a conversation with you about that first. 

What happens if I need support between sessions, or once we've finished?

You can text me, email or call if you need to.  We can then talk about what kind of support you might need.

Do I need to prepare for my first session?

There’s a couple of forms to complete, but nothing else. Some of my clients like to bring notes, but you don’t have to.

Do we meet online or in-person?

I mostly work online as it’s generally easier for me and clients, as it doesn’t involve travel for the client. However, i do have a dedicated session room which we can use if you prefer face to face.

Online sessions can be held on Zoom or Skype.

How many sessions should I have?

We’ll work together for either four or eight sessions.  More if needed.

How long does a session last?

Each session lasts between 50-60 minutes.

Do you only work with men?

Yes, mostly, but I do work with women too.

Do you offer evening appointments?

Yes, and occasional weekend appointments too.  These, in particular, get booked up fast, so book in advance and block book to get the day and time you want.

Can I ask another question?

You can ask me anything. Be prepared for a long answer if it is to with my favourite films! 🙂 Please get in touch via the contact page, should you have any additional questions ahead of booking in a session.

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