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Hi, I'm Paul

I have always had an interest in people. Why do we operate the way we do? Why do ten people have ten different opinions about the same thing? Why are some of you wondering why I specifically said ‘ten people’ in the sentence before and others will have assumed this is an example number? 😉 How can two people debate something, and both have opposing views and both be sure they are correct?

My interest in the psychology of people was suppressed by my choosing more scientific subjects for A-Level, purely as I was interested in those as well, and seemed to have a natural aptitude for them. These choices ultimately led me into a career in Telecoms which has enabled me to meet many great friends, and help keep people connected.

However, my interest in people was never too far below the surface. I remember discussing the show “Lie To Me” with my partner-to-be around 2010-ish, and thinking how cool it would be to tell if someone is lying just by their microexpressions. Again, at this time, I didn’t really do much about it, other than harbour an interest in it. That leap would come almost 10 years later…

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Fast forward to 2019...

My partner enrolled in the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy course, where she learnt lots of fascinating stuff, about the nature of trance and how we all see the world differently according to our submodalities and filters. I soaked up her enjoyment of the course via osmosis as she studied, wondering what all these new terms she was saying meant. Drop-Through? Timeline? Visual Squash? It all sounded fascinating, but I carried on observing from afar…

Then around the end of 2019, my work was getting on top of me for many reasons. I knew I needed a career change, but didn’t know what to do. My partner did a Cognitive Hypnotherapy technique on me (Visual Squash for the curious ones) and I credit this with awakening my unconscious mind. I enrolled in the next iteration of the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy course the following week which was scheduled to start in April 2020.

Then of course, the Covid Pandemic arrived. Selfishly, I wondered if this was a sign that I wasn’t meant to take the course. See how our minds play strange games with us? Actually, a benefit of the pandemic meant the course did continue, albeit a month later and online. The online delivery allowed us students to virtually mix with many more people than we would normally do in person, where you might bond with certain people initially and keep working with them. The random allocation of Zoom breakout groups meant we could work with nearly all the class. Also, the pandemic showed the world of therapy in general that Cognitive Therapy works online. Suddenly our client base had grown to the whole world!

I finished my course in March 2021, and am now a practising Cognitive Therapist. I work around my day job currently, but this means I am available weekday evenings and part of weekends, to help anyone who wants my services. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, maybe you can hire me. (And if you would prefer dealing with a woman, you can contact my partner).

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My qualifications and experience

Qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. 

Member of the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association, a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and a member of the British Psychological Society.

Things I love and believe in...

  • My partner Kate, my family and friends

  • Early morning walks with my dogs Ava and Link

  • Creative writing

  • Rock music

  • Films

  • Running

  • Politeness costs nothing

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